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Payment links were broken
– until now

Get paid by anyone, anytime, anywhere for anything

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Payment links improve your cash flow

Typically a link is paid within 24hrs

Increasing the opportunities to get paid 🤑

Use the link on an invoice, in a chatbot, via SMS or Whatsapp. The more payment channels you have the more likely you are to get paid.

Customer Convenience 😋

Not only can you use a link anywhere for anything but your customer gets to use their preferred payment method, which in-turn creates faster sales.

Our links are not limited to just cards 😉

You can combine various different payment methods across different providers into one checkout, that’s great if you want to use a cheaper payment method for larger value items or save a particular method for re-charging later.

Powerful Payment Links 🤩

Create a specific link or a generic link, a link for this or a link for that. Shuttle provides a payment link service that allows you to manage your links and make them as convenient as possible when it comes to getting them paid. You’ll be able to see the transactions in Shuttle immediately and refund or charge the payment method in future.

Most payment links are rigid, but ours are not.

Our links solve many different use cases, whether you need one link or many links. You can use them for whatever payment purpose you might have have. The key is that they are convenient for the customer and easy for you to use. Industries that are benefitting today are Travel, Manufacturing, Events, Ticketing, Trade and Field Sales. But there's no limit to how or where you use your link - the more payment channels you have, the more likely you are to get paid.

Use your Payment Gateway

Choose from 30+ Payment Providers, connect multiple if required. Get paid via PayPal, Buy Now Pay Later or Bank methods.

payment gateways for UK

Not tied to any product, invoice or amount

Don’t get frustrated by payment links not working for you.
We provide generic or specific links to meet your needs that you can use to capture payment or simply authorise a card for future use.

Initial Features

  • Connect multiple gateways
  • Connect multiple payment methods
  • Create generic links
  • View/track transactions
  • Refund capability

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