Enterprise Customers

Payments Power
& Freedom.


Easily integrate payments with your in-house and cloud systems.

The Bolt toolkit

Can be leveraged by system integrators who can ensure that solutions are fit for purpose and are maximised, building payment capabilities and workflows that you need.

Connect Payment Gateways

Enable your customers to connect their preferred payment gateway and payment methods, right from within your app.

Consistent UX

As far as possible we create a consistent payment experience for end customers regardless of the payment gateway.


Quickly enable mobile payments by dropping the Bolt SDK into your app.

Save Customer Cards

Allow end customers to save their cards for faster checkout in the future.

Recurring Payments

Your customers can setup recurring payments ability for particular product and service types.

Centralised Refunds

Refunds can be issued from your app instead of your customers having to go to payment gateway portal.

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There’s no such thing as a stupid question

What Payment Gateways can we use?

Out of the box you can use the following and others can be requested:

  1. Authorize.net
  2. Braintree
  3. iZettle
  4. MyGate
  5. NAB
  6. NMI
  7. PayPal Business
  8. PayPal Business Pro
  9. PayPal Flow
  10. PayPoint
  11. SagePay
  12. Stripe
  13. Worldpay
  14. USAepay

Can we really pass off PCI compliance to Bolt?

Yes you can as long as you’re not storing card data anywhere else that Bolt cannot be responsible for.

Do you charge transaction fees on top of the payment gateway?

We don’t charge extra fees on top, but we do factor the volume of transactions that pass through our system and adjust your license fee accordingly.